Self Care Actions

Rub & Relax

Our massage oils are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality botanicals infused into Pure Jojoba Oil and Castor Oil. We infuse mugwort for its ability to relieve cramping and anxiety. We infuse Calendula for its ability to decrease inflammation, tone tissues, heal wounds and ease menstruation pains. These ingredients give us a rich herbal oil infusion that we use as the foundation for all of our RUB massage oil blends.

Roll & Ease

Our essential oil rollers are expertly mixed to create a synergy of aromas that ease the mind, calm the spirit, and shift current energetic states. All of our blends use 100% pure, high-grade aromatherapy essential oils. We source our essential oils from sustainable companies that practice safe, ecological harvesting with zero chemical adulteration. Our rollers are diluted in Safflower Oil for safe topical application and added cardiovascular support.

Drop & Relieve


Our liquid herbal extracts are consciously crafted to achieve the desired therapeutic effect and also taste delicious! We source our tinctures solely from companies that maintain sustainable practices and produce artisan-quality extracts. Our tinctures are blended into traditional formulas rooted in Traditional Chinese Herbology, Ayruvedic traditions, and Western Herbal practices.

Sip & Rest


Our tea blends are hand-crafted for premium deliciousness by using high-quality, organic plants blooming with rich flavors. Our Cacao mixtures are rich with antioxidants to nourish your body, from heart to root.

Soak & Release


We combine symptoms targeting essential oil blends to Ultra Epsom Premium Salt and produce a mineral-rich boost for your bath. The utilization of decadent aromas heightens the sensory experience and lifts the spirit. Add an additional 2 cups of Epsom Salt to every bath for an enhanced soothing, muscle-relaxing soak that facilitates detox and eases pain in the mind, body, and soul.

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