Mugwort, Moxa, Ai Ye

Artemnesia vulgaris

Moxa, a variety of Mugwort, is in the Artemnesia family named after the Greek moon goodness, Artemis. This plant is a powerful women’s ally alleviating many menstrual disharmonies. The burning of moxa, known as moxibustion, has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moxa is a powerful blood building plant and can be used in various forms including processed plant material, oil infusion, water or alcohol extraction. The leaves of the plant are gently processed in a mortar and pestle until soft like cotton. The plant matter can then be burned on the body, on top of a needle or above the skin. It has a warming effect that helps to encourage the movement of Qi and blood in the body. The main active component, borneol, has an analgesic effect helping to relieve pain. Moxa can help with digestive problems, arthritis, pain, infertility, fatigue, headaches, and iron absorption. Moxa strengthens Qi, promotes circulation, and builds the immune system. The power of moxa is well known in China and used to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Parts Used:

fresh and dried leaves

Key Actions & Healing Properties:

  • Stimulates circulation and improving Qi flow
  • Warms the meridians to relieve pain (arthritis and digestive disharmony)
  • Harmonizes menstrual disorders
  • Build blood and supports Iron levels